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CNC has become necessary equipment for mobile phone shell manufacturers because of its advantages of high efficiency, high precision, and stable processing quality. Many people may not understand the specific processing process and details, but only know that CNC comes out, but there is no good process and certainly no good result, and understanding the processing process is conducive to the smooth progress of the project; China sheet metal casing supplier will introduce the process of CNC shell.


1. CNC machining preorder work: modeling and programming


Modeling and programming are required before CNC machining begins. The difficulty of 3D modeling is determined by product structure. Product modeling with a complex structure is more difficult and requires more and more complex programming procedures. Programming includes the processing process setting, tool selection, speed setting, tool each feed distance, and so on. In addition, the clamping method of different products is different, and the fixture should be designed before processing. Some complex products need to do special fixtures. At the same time, it is necessary to evaluate the size of the raw material and the number of CNC. The quality of the preliminary evaluation directly affects the processing time and cost in the future.


Two, shell processing technology


The cylindrical aluminum material is cut and extruded according to the size of the embryo material assessed in front. This process is called aluminum extrusion, which makes the aluminum become a regular aluminum plate after extrusion convenient for processing, and at the same time more dense and hard;


CNC machine tools (high-speed drilling center) are used to accurately process several positioning holes on the aluminum plate. The positioning datum of subsequent CNC machining is these positioning holes, and the size accuracy of positioning holes should be controlled within 0.03.


The inner cavity, as well as the positioning column combined with the fixture processing;


Metal can block (weaken) mobile phone signals, so they have to be slotted to allow the signal to pass in and out of the path;


The effect of T treatment is to corrode the metal surface into honeycomb holes, and enhance the subsequent binding strength of metal and plastic;


Nano molding


Injection materials are PPS and PBT


The role of polishing and sandblasting is to make the metal surface more texture, different requirements for sandblasting used are different;

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