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Mechanical keyboard with a long life and extraordinary feel, "recapture" has been replaced by the film keyboard, peripherals and enthusiasts have become a good heart. In addition to hand feel and life, the attraction of mechanical keyboard is that you can freely change the key cap, changing a set of your favorite key cap is like changing a keyboard, players can according to their preferences or needs, so that their keyboard has a unique appearance, and feel will change.

If the shaft body determines the basic hand feeling of the mechanical keyboard, the key cap is the icing on the cake for the user's hand feeling in use. Key caps of different colors, different crafts and different materials will not only affect the appearance level of the keyboard, but also affect the feel of the keyboard, thus affecting the use experience of the keyboard.

Although mechanical keyboard key cap can be replaced freely, but the price is higher, the price of some limited edition key cap can even be compared with high-end keyboard shoulder, and the material of mechanical keyboard key cap is common

The key cap of the common mechanical keyboard can be divided into ABS, PBT, POM three materials, among which ABS is the highest utilization rate in the mechanical keyboard, whether it is hundreds of yuan of popular products or thousands of yuan of flagship keyboard, ABS can be seen. ABS plastic is acrylonitrile (A)- butadiene (B)- styrene (S) copolymer, A comprehensive performance of three components, with high strength, good toughness, easy processing and other characteristics, and the cost is not high.

DIY custom key cap material has resin, electroplating copper, aluminum alloy anodized, titanium alloy, etc., can customize their favorite color and shape, etc., the price is also relatively expensive, hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan, even tens of thousands of yuan.

Things to rare for expensive this sentence in the key hat reflects incisively and vividly, the material is rare, the complexity of the production process are factors that affect the price of the key hat.

Take titanium alloy key cap as an example, the cost of the first material is not low, and then the material is made into a unique shape, it takes not a short production cycle, the price of a titanium alloy key cap on the market may fluctuate around 300 yuan, if a set of keyboard matches, the price may reach tens of thousands of yuan.

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