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Process concentration, automation, high flexibility, the strong ability is the characteristics of NC machining. Numerical control machine tool processing and the traditional machine tool processing process are generally consistent, but there are obvious changes. So what are the characteristics of CNC machining?

One, process concentration: CNC machine tools generally with automatic tool change tool holder, tool library, tool change process is controlled by the program automatically, therefore, the process is more concentrated. Process concentration brings huge economic benefits:

1. Reduce the area of machine tools and save the workshop.

2, reduce or no intermediate links (such as intermediate testing of semi-finished products, temporary storage, handling, etc.), both save time and save manpower.

Two, automation: CNC machine tool processing, without manual control of the tool, high degree of automation. The benefits are obvious.

1, to reduce the requirements of the operator: an ordinary machine tool of senior workers, not in a short time can be cultivated, and a CNC worker without programming training time is very short (such as CNC lathe workers need a week, will also write simple processing procedures). And, numerical control workers in numerical control machine tool processing parts than ordinary workers in the traditional machine tool processing parts of high accuracy, time to save.

2, reduce the labor intensity of workers: CNC workers in the processing process, most of the time is excluded in the processing process, very labor-saving.

3, stable product quality: CNC machine tool processing automation, eliminate the fatigue of ordinary machine tool workers, is careless, estimate and other human error, improve the consistency of the product.

4, high processing efficiency: CNC machine tool automatic tool change so that the processing process is compact, improve labor productivity.

Three, high flexibility: the traditional general machine tool, although good flexibility, but low efficiency; While the traditional special aircraft, although high efficiency, but poor adaptability to parts, large rigidity, poor flexibility, it is difficult to adapt to the fierce competition under the market economy brought frequent product modifications. As long as the program changes, you can process new parts on CNC machine tools and can be automated operation, good flexibility, high efficiency, so CNC machine tools can well adapt to market competition.

Four, strong ability: machine tools can accurately process all kinds of contours, and some contours can not be processed on ordinary machine tools. CNC machine tools are especially suitable for the following occasions:

1, do not scrap parts.

2. Development of new products.

3. Processing of urgent parts.

Numerical control processing than the traditional machine tool processing has changed a lot, the efficiency is also greatly improved, which is the benefit brought by the continuous development of science and technology.

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