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1. CNC sheet metal processing is based on the combination of program coding and simple molds to achieve a variety of complex perforated sheet metal processing methods for sheet metal at one time. It has its own unique advantages in the processing of various sheet metal parts, especially for the processing of complex shapes or thin plate parts, which can automatically complete the processing of parts.

It can automatically process holes of different sizes and different shapes according to the requirements of the drawings, and can also process larger holes and contour curves of various shapes.

CNC processing has the characteristics of stable product quality and high processing accuracy; the processed products of sheet metal parts have the characteristics of good flatness, higher punching accuracy, and stable quality, and the products produced have good consistency.


2. Bending: The bending process of sheet metal processing is the process of using pressure equipment and special molds to process the metal sheet into a shape. Our factory has multiple bending machines, which are not only fast, but also more precise in product processing.

3. Clean the surface: clean the surface before the surface treatment of the sheet metal, remove the dust and debris on the surface of the product, and make the surface of the product smooth and smooth without burrs.


4. Sandblasting and oxidation: Using electrochemical principles, a layer of Al2O3 (aluminum oxide) film is formed on the surface of aluminum and aluminum alloy. This oxide film can be in various colors, and it has special characteristics such as protection, decoration, insulation, and abrasion resistance.


5. Pressure riveting: This pressure riveting is not only convenient to equip, but also has high torque resistance.


6. Laser engraving has high processing precision, high speed and wide application fields.

The carved characters or pictures have no obvious traces, the surface of the object is smooth, and the writing is not worn;

And during laser engraving, there is no contact between the machine and the surface of the material, so the product is not affected by mechanical movement and the surface will not be deformed."

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