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Our CNC turning service

We can add on-axis, axial, and radial holes for turning parts, but only holes parallel to or perpendicular to the axis of rotation are supported, and we cannot accommodate hard metal holes with odd angles. We can mill off shaft holes on turning parts made of aluminum or brass.

Minimum features of Brass CNC Turned Parts Products

Small features may be allowed, but the diameter of any area should not be less than 0.76mm. Sharp conical points are allowed; The Angle should be greater than 30 degrees. Walls thinner than 0.5 mm usually do not survive the machining process. The specific turning dimensions of the material concerned

How does CNC turning work?

CNC turning is a reduction manufacturing process in which a metal rod is rotated while a cutting tool is fixed to the blank to remove material and make the final part. Our CNC lathes are also equipped with powerful tools that can process flat features and holes on the workpiece. Outside diameter (OD) and inside diameter (ID) threads are also available. The turned part can then be left in a worked state with visible tool marks or sandblasting. After the operation is complete, the parts will be inspected, boxed, and shipped.

Post-processing service

Machined magnesium alloy parts remain as is, which usually means that they show visible tool marks. Some metal parts can offer more surface treatment options, such as passivation, micro-arc oxidation, electroplating, and anodizing. After completion of operation and application of the required finish, the parts are boxed and shipped shortly thereafter.

Other Brass CNC Turned Parts Products materials

We have more than 30 engineering-grade plastics and metal materials suitable for CNC machining applications in various industries.

Metal: Magnesium alloy, aluminum, stainless steel,

Plastic: HDPE, PPS, PEEK, PEI, epoxy tooling board, and other materials used in chassis accessories

Brass CNC Turned Parts Products tolerance

We can maintain CNC machining tolerances from ±0.125mm to ±0.05mm.

If more stringent tolerances are required, 2D drawings with complete information are required.

Our engineering team will communicate key dimensional tolerances to you and provide the highest possible accuracy. .

CNC finish

We support stop-finish to meet the visual and functional requirements of any design.

Including sanding, sandblasting, mirror polishing, spray painting, printing, laser etching, anodic oxidation, electroplating, chrome plating, powder spraying, etc.

Choose from metal finish options to enhance parts, improve appearance, and other benefits.

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Sheet Metal Fabrication: Sheet Metal Parts For Their High Precision And Durability
Bergek is good at making prototypes, small-batch, or mass-production customized CNC machined parts, Come to get instant quotes on metal and plastic machined parts.
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Frequently Asked Questions about sheet metal components manufacturers


Application of sheet metal Stiffener        


Sheet metal Stiffener can be divided into plane Stiffener, curved reinforcement, and Stiffenersocket, as for what kind of shape to press, according to the shape and thickness of sheet metal parts to decide. There is no absolute Stiffener in sheet metal parts, as long as the tensile conditions of sheet metal are met, and then according to the actual situation of the equipment, you can decide the structure of the Stiffener, which can be used as bending, stretching or forming sheet metal.


How do you guarantee the quality?        


We have a professional quality control department to ensure quality.


Our company owns the final interpretation        


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Kindly please provide the product drawing in PDF, and will be better if you could provide it in.dwg / .stp /. igs / .stl, Send drawing

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