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According to the manufacturer of the Brass CNC Turned Parts, the main objects of the Brass CNC Turned Parts to process are rotary parts with high precision requirements; Rotating parts with high surface roughness requirements; A rotating part with a complex surface; Rotating parts with special threads; hardening the workpiece (if the deformation after heat treatment is large, use a lathe instead of grinding). Compared with ordinary lathes, Brass CNC Turned Parts have three characteristics:

(1) Processing of difficult parts. CNC turning workpiece manufacturers think that such "small mouth big belly" inner surface parts, in the ordinary lathe are not only difficult to process and difficult to detect. When a CNC lathe is used for machining, the trajectory of the tooltip is controlled by the machining program, and the "difficult" machining can be completed by the CNC function of the lathe.

(2) Processing of high-precision parts. The size accuracy of the super precision parts such as the drum of the copier, the magnetic head of the video recorder, and the multifaceted mirror of the laser printer can reach 0.01m, and the surface roughness can reach Ra0.02m. These high-precision parts can be machined on high-precision special CNC lathes.

(3) Finish the processing. Brass CNC Turned Parts manufacturers think that in order to further improve the efficiency of turning, by increasing the control axis of the lathe, you can process two same or different multi-process parts on a CNC lathe at the same time, but also easy to realize the automation of the whole turning process of multiple complex parts. The process content of NC turning is more complex than that of ordinary turning, and the process content of NC turning is more detailed than that of ordinary turning.

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Brass CNC Turned Parts manufacturers believe that CNC lathe processing has been more and more applied in the modern manufacturing industry, and plays the ordinary lathe incomparable advantages. CNC lathe processing mainly has the following characteristics:

1. CNC lathes have a short machining drive chain. Compared with ordinary lathes, the spindle drive is no longer a motor with a gear mechanism, but the transverse and longitudinal feed is driven by two servo motors respectively. The traditional parts such as the hanging wheel and clutch are no longer used, and the transmission chain is greatly shortened.

2. High rigidity. In order to cooperate with the high precision of the numerical control system, the rigidity of CNC lathe processing should be high to meet the high precision processing requirements.

3. Light drag, the tool holder (workbench) is moved by the ball screw pair, with small friction force and light movement. The special bearings for the support at both ends of the lead screw have larger pressure angles than ordinary bearings, so they are selected when leaving the factory. The lubrication part of NC lathe machining adopts oil mist automatic lubrication, these measures make NC lathe machining portable.

Brass CNC Turned Parts manufacturers believe that the CNC lathe processing process is automatically completed according to the input program. The operator just needs to start setting the knives, loading and unloading the pieces and changing the knives. During the machining process, they mainly observe and supervise the lathe operation. But because of the high technical content of CNC lathes, the mental labor of the operators has also improved accordingly.



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