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Raja is the first visitor to our factory and cooperates with us for many years. He is an electronics engineer for a Pakistan company, Wants to make Electronic Enclosures, Bergek helps him to custom builds enclosures. every year he will stay in China for 1-2 months to finish some projects. 

Housing usually refers to the housing used in various electronic products. The use can be divided into the computer case, TV case, mobile phone case, instrumentation case motor case, micro motor case, etc. The material can be divided into a plastic case, an alloy case, a composite case, and so on.

The material

Aluminum magnesium alloy: the main element of the aluminum-magnesium alloy is aluminum, and then a small amount of magnesium or other metal materials are added to strengthen its hardness. Because of itself is metal, its thermal conductivity and strength are particularly outstanding. Aluminum-magnesium alloy has lightweight, low density, good heat dissipation, and strong compression resistance, which can fully meet the requirements of 3C products with high integration, thinness, miniaturization, crash resistance, electromagnetic shielding, and heat dissipation.

Of titanium alloy, titanium alloy material is enhanced aluminum-magnesium alloy, titanium alloy and magnesium alloy in addition to adding different metal itself, one of the largest, respectively is also infiltration of carbon fiber material, regardless of the heat dissipation, strength and surface texture is better than that of aluminum and magnesium alloy material, and processing performance is better than aluminum-magnesium alloy is more complex and changeful shape.

Carbon fiber: Carbon fiber is a very interesting material, it not only has the elegant and strong characteristics of aluminum-magnesium alloy but also has the high plasticity of ABS engineering plastics. Its appearance is similar to plastic, but its strength and thermal conductivity are better than ordinary ABS plastic, and carbon fiber is a conductive material that can act as a shield similar to metal (ABS shell needs another metal film to shield).

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