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 Z type sheet metal bending parts processing die characteristics


1, bending die this kind of die is characterized by the design and manufacture is relatively simple, the positioning of the punching parts (the hole on the punching parts can be used) is more accurate, reliable, and convenient, and can better ensure the positioning accuracy of the bending line. However, when the punching parts are right-angled Z-shaped parts, the rebound of the punching parts can not be controlled due to the limited mold structure and poor material thickness. Therefore, it is only suitable for the machining mode of the elastic pressing device, which requires low precision of bending line position and small bending height.


2, bending the bending die of such mold with a wider range of adaptation, stamping material thickness or not, soft hard or not, whether the bending Angle for acute Angle, rectangular, or obtuse Angle, bending height is big or small, as long as the appropriate design of stamping parts to mold the other angles in the beta, which can be used for bending Z type bending die hedge to bend.


3, flanged bending die using this flanged bending die z-shaped parts, you do not need to consider the length of the bending line, song, parallel, only the bending length is short, and there is a certain bending height, and the right Angle or obtuse Z-shaped parts. It is especially suitable for z-shaped parts with curved or non-parallel bending lines and long length, as well as curved edges and large bending height. However, this mold should not be used for z-shaped parts with larger bending length, bending Angle less than 90°, and thicker and harder punching materials.


Sheet metal Z bending processing factory


Therefore, before processing, it is necessary for staff to choose different types of Z-shaped bending die reasonably according to different Z-shaped parts and their requirements. The Z-shaped parts produced by this mold meet the technical requirements of products in quality and assembly. At the same time, the Z - shaped bending die has better technology and economy.

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