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Mobile phone stands are mainly divided into two types, one is the suction ring pasted on the back of the phone, and another is used to place the phone on the bracket. The first way to use the phone is simply to paste the suction ring on the back of the phone and then release the ring to place the phone. In the second, you simply open the phone holder at a 45-degree angle and place the phone on it to work.


Now, most of the car brackets can be replaced by a fixed frame, whether you use a tablet or a mobile phone can be switched at will. A super strong suction cup, stable suction on the windshield, also can be installed in the air conditioning air outlet and car dashboard. The support frame is strong and strong, will not shake, fall, and can be adjusted Angle, with different clamping seat car, and table can be used. There are more kinds of vehicle-mounted brackets, in addition to vehicle-mounted brackets and bicycle brackets, motorcycles, mobile phone brackets, and so on. Of course, these are inseparable from our three best mechanical and electrical bending machines, bending machine, buckle machine, bending machine, compressors, ring machines, embossing machines, shearing machines, and other mechanical and electrical equipment production completed.


1. Instrument panel suction cup type. As the first generation of mobile phone bracket, the disadvantage is that the sucker is not firm, mobile phone easy to drop; The advantage is that the instrument panel position is optional, placed in their feel the most comfortable position;


2. Front retaining sucker type. Installed on the front windshield, the disadvantage is to block the line of sight, unsafe; Advantage is the snake rod structure, easy to adjust the Angle;


3. Air outlet suspension type. Installed in the position of air conditioning outlet, the disadvantage is that due to different models, the fixed structure and position are limited, unable to rotate and adjust the Angle; Advantage is fixed and reliable;


4. Magnetic 360-degree rotation mobile phone bracket. Installed in any plane position convenient for driver operation, disadvantages of magnetism will affect the magnetic field of mobile phone signal, the paste will be removed will have a mark, the advantage is small, flexible, do not block the line of sight, can be taken down with one hand to answer the phone.


5. Silica gel or other non-slip bracket has the disadvantage of not being able to adjust the direction, and the mobile phone is not fixed firmly. The advantage is that it is convenient to fix and remove the mobile phone.


If you need to customize the mobile phone bracket, you can consult us and send drawings quotation.

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