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CNC machining is a general manufacturing process, suitable for a variety of materials. However, in product manufacturing, the process is more common to use aluminum, that is, aluminum processing.


Aluminum alloy processing is a process that involves the use of aluminum in the manufacture of products because there are many grades of aluminum. Aluminum is highly machinable and relatively inexpensive, and different types of aluminum alloys are suitable for a myriad of processing applications. This includes rigid building components, aerospace parts manufacturing, etc.


In fact, when used for machining, different types of aluminum alloys have some unique and unique advantages. They offer a variety of options and give you great flexibility when you start working on a project. However, narrowing down the best aluminum alloy for the job has also become more difficult.


This guide attempts to make a quick comparison of the five most commonly processed aluminum alloys. It does this by introducing aluminum alloys, highlighting their ingredients, common applications, and the industries in which they are often used.


What is an alloy?


An alloy is a metal mixed with other metallic or non-metallic elements. Aluminum alloys are materials used in machining and are mainly composed of aluminum and other elements such as iron, copper, and magnesium.


Processing aluminum alloys depends largely on their composition. Therefore, different aluminum alloys are suitable for different applications. It is important to note that the mixing of other elements can affect the physical properties of the alloy, such as strength, ductility, and corrosion resistance. Therefore, understanding these properties can help companies determine whether a material is suitable for a given part.


The aluminum alloys used are divided into three groups: commercial pure aluminum, heat-treatable alloys, and non-heat-treatable alloys. Commercial pure aluminum is rarely used in aluminum processing (however, machine parts use aluminum 1060). Therefore, this paper focuses on the last two groups of five alloys.


The most common aluminum alloy processing


There are several ways to classify the different types of aluminum used in CNC machining. A common practice is to use aluminum grades, such as 1xxxx, 2xxx, through 7xxx. The difference lies in the composition, which affects the properties of different aluminum alloys. However, we will not discuss all series of aluminum alloys in this article. We introduce the most common aluminum alloys for processing by heat treatment characteristics.

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